Iconic Architectural Steel Sculptures

Modern architecture and design has been influenced by steel for many years, with many of the most iconic monuments and sculptures around the world made from this versatile metal.

As a specialist supplier of profiled steel plate we are often approached to provide materials to be used on major architectural sculptures, and our expertise in this area has seen us work on high-profile projects including those outlined below:

Iconic Architectural Steel Sculptures | Murray Steel Products
‘Skydance’ at RAF Hendon (Right)
The sculpture, designed by Japanese sculptor Kisa Kawakami, forms the entrance to the Royal Air Force Museum, and is one of the biggest pieces of permanent artwork in Britain, consisting of 20 tonnes of plate steel ribbons supported by a central cantilever post. Source


Cutty Sark New Exhibition Centre (Below)
Following a fire in 2007 which caused extensive damage to the famous Cutty Sark, a new design and conservation solution was proposed to raise the 963ft ship three metres which would allow visitors to walk beneath it. As a result an elegant but highly intricate pre-stressed system was created from steel. The innovative use of structural steel required tight tolerances and demanding geometrics. 

Iconic Architectural Steel Sculptures | Murray Steel Products

‘Mute Meadow’ Field of Light, Londonderry (Below)
The ‘Mute Meadow’ installation was created by artists Vong Phaophanity and Claire Oboussier to celebrate the regeneration of Derry. The £800,000 sculpture is the largest public artwork in Ireland and is made of 40 pairs of angled nickel plated and weathered Corten steel columns, lit from the base, and ranging in height from 6 to 10 metres. Source.

Iconic Architectural Steel Sculptures | Murray Steel Products

‘The Kelpies’, Falkirk (Below)

The largest equine sculptures in the world, ‘The Kelpies’ are 30 metre high, 300 tonne, horse heads depicting ‘kelpies’ - mythical shape shifting water spirits with the strength of 10 horses. Created by sculpture Andy Scott, the installation is built of structural steel with a stainless steel cladding. Source.

Iconic Architectural Steel Sculptures | Murray Steel Products

With extensive in-house processing capabilities, including a full profiling service that will produce your designs in accordance with your bespoke NC drawings, we are perfectly positioned to help you achieve your architectural sculpture vision.

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