Steel Plate Profiling - HD Plasma & Gas Profiling

Murray Steel Products have an extensive in-house high-definition profiling operation, complete with a CAD team and state-of-the-art steel profiling equipment.

The machinery at our ISO9001 and CE Execution Class 4 accredited facility includes:

  • 1 x Esab HD Bevel Plasma – 12m x 3m bed
  • 2 x Esab Oxy Fuel Gas machines (one with 6 torches, the other with 4) – 24m x 5m bed
  • 2 x Tecoi THOR plate processing machines – 21.1m x 3.05m bed with Hypertherm XPR300 plasma bevel, oxy fuel torches, height sensitive scriber, drill, tap, countersink, and machining.
  • 1 x Tecoi TEKNOS Plasma Bevel with Ink Jet – 12.3m x 4.1m bed with Hypertherm XPR300 plasma bevel, cooljet oxy fuel torch and REA JET ink marking

We can profile up to 24 metres in length, 5 metres wide and 400mm in thickness, with the machinery serviced by overhead cranes up to a 30t max piece weight.

In addition to profiling equipment and in-house CAD facilities that help to deliver maximum plate yield, our specialist team have a range of drilling machines capable of providing drilled components up to 200mm. 

This combination has allowed Murray to establish a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of bespoke steel profiles and components. We regularly produce items such as Uniflats for plate girders, cut and drilled base plates, bevelled profiles, bridge components, deck plates, profiles for heavy engineering, weld prep edges, drilled steel flanges and custom profiles for sculptures.

Our profiling operation has a capacity that allows us to work to short lead times while maintaining quality, along with access to an established delivery network.

Contact us to request a quote for either regular production work or a one-off custom profile. 

Weathering steel profile used in an architectural sculpture.
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Murray Steel Products have extensive experience of supplying materials and processing services to clients accross a range of industry sectors