TEKNOS by Tecoi - Plasma & Oxy Fuel Cutting

Introducing the Tecoi TEKNOS machine - the first in the UK!

The Tecoi TEKNOS steel processing station

This industry leading machine is operating on a 12.3m x 4.1m usable bed and benefits from:

  • Hypertherm XPR300 plasma bevel
  • Oxy fuel cutting torch
  • REA JET ink marking system

The Tecoi TEKNOS is specifically built to withstand heavy production demands in large dimensions yet maintain quality cuts in high definition.

This investment has allowed us to increase capacity and reduced lead-times for our value-added processes, leading to faster turnaround and time savings.

Tecoi TEKNOS advanced plate processing station

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Weathering steel profile used in an architectural sculpture.
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Temple Quay Bridge
Steel for the construction industry
Steel Plate for the defence sector
Steel Plate for industrial engineering
Steel plate supply for Mining
Steel supply for Nuclear power
Offshore oil platform
Power Station
Steel supply for the rail Industry
Shipbuilding & Repairs
Steel Processing
Steel For Structural Engineering
Yellow Goods Steel Supply

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