The Latest Steel Plate Profiling Projects from Murray Steel Products

Murray Steel Products are equipped with the specialist skills, machinery and high quality materials required to successfully deliver your project. We can not only supply the steel you need, but our experienced in-house processing team can also offer expert advice on all aspects of steel plate and profiles.

Below are just a few of our recent steel profiling projects, including plasma/oxy-gas cut and drilled profiles, which we have delivered for our clients.

S355J2 and S460NL Drilled Steel Plate

S355J2 and S460NL Drilled Steel Plate from Murray Steel Products

This project included Z35-tested prime S355J2 and S460NL steel plate, with dimensions up to 3.4m x 2m, and gauges up to 150mm.

Weighing in at 50 tonnes overall, this order included profiles with 33mm & 39mm diameter holes, drilled to a tolerance of +/-0.2mm. Additional processing included edge chamfering and countersunk holes.

Heavy Architectural Steel Profiles

Prime 10mm thick S275JR from Murray Steel Products

These prime 10mm thick S275JR, high-definition plasma cut profiles were created for one of our heavy architectural clients this month.

The project consisted of 396 different pieces in a range of sizes (up to 7.5m x 3m), weighing 20 tonnes in total. Each profile contains numerous slots and holes at tolerances of +/- 2mm.

S355J2+N plasma and gas cut profiles from Murray Steel Products
Plasma & Gas Cut Profiles for Agriculture

We manufactured and supplied these S355J2+N plasma and gas cut profiles for an agricultural client.

This piece of work included plate gauges from 25mm to 80mm, with profiled slots and 25mm diameter holes drilled to a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm.

S355G10+N Profiles for offshore from Murray Steel Products
S355G10+N Profiles For Offshore

We manufactured and supplied these steel profiles for one of our clients in the offshore sector.

The project consisted of 8 prime S355G10+N profiles, each at a gauge of 110mm. Oxy-Gas profiled to a diameter of 800mm at a tight tolerance, each piece weighs over 300 kilos, bringing the set to over 2.4 tonnes in total.

Chequer Plate for West African Telecommunications Project

Chequer plate for telecommunications from Murray Steel Products

This 10mm gauge chequer plate is part of an ongoing piece of work for one of our clients, and will soon be delivered to a telecommunications project in West Africa. Including 26mm diameter countersinking with 14mm profiled holes, these pieces were profiled to size using our Hypertherm XPR300 Plasma cutting system.

We're proud to have been working on this project for much of 2019.

S275JR Rectangular Flanges

S275JR Rectangular Flanges from Murray Steel Products

These 25mm thick rectangular flanges have been plasma cut to dimensions of 1100mm x 1000mm and 1600mm x 1100mm.

We drilled 528 26mm diameter holes for this project, each with a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm.

In addition to the plasma cut and drilled profiles, this order also consisted of 35mm flame-cut profiles with drilled and tapped holes, weighing in at a total of 12 tonnes.

Murray Steel Products can supply profiled plate in a range of grades, with thicknesses up to 400mm, cut up to 24 metres in length and 5 metres wide. And our established in-house technical capability gives you the added benefit of short lead times.

If you have a current or ongoing steel requirement for high quality plate and profiled products, please contact us via the website or call us on 0161 866 6999.