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Focus on Reversing Mill Plate

Published: 02nd Sep 2020

Benefits of reversing mill plate - Compared with material found on coils, reversing mill plates are initially cast into slabs which can then be reheated and re-rolled. This means we are then able to provide a customer with plate that is bespoke to the required thickness, size and tolerance they require for a specific project.


THOR® - Tecoi Hyper Operative Range

Published: 12th Nov 2018

Murray Steel Products has invested in THOR®, the most versatile plate processing station on the market, to enhance its milling, drilling, tapping, countersinking and bevelling capabilities.


Abrasion-Resistant Steel Plate

Published: 24th Sep 2018

Murray Steel Products are leading suppliers of abrasion-resistant steel plate and wear plate materials to the UK’s yellow goods, engineering, mining and agricultural machinery sectors.


Medium Carbon Steel Plate

Published: 15th Aug 2018

Murray Steel Products stock large quantities of certified medium carbon steel plate, ready for quick delivery anywhere across the UK and Ireland.